Application for Setting Up a Canteen in School Campus 2022

Date: 21.08.2022
The Headmaster,
Xyz High School,
Subject: Application for setting up a canteen in your school campus.

We, the students of your school, have long been feeling the need of a canteen in our school campus. You are aware of the fact that students spend more than seven hours in the school. During the recess many students search for food from a roadside confectionery. The foods of which are highly impure and contaminated. Besides, the shop is crowded with day labourers who spend their leisure time smoking.


Girl students face more troubles visiting this shop. The problem therefore is acute and needs to be solved. We believe that it is your kind effort that can solve our problem by starting a canteen. School campuses are many good for our favorite enjoyment of this good. For the nation there are kind people reading rooms then I go to school. When is the school upto home and say my evening school campus.

We therefore, hope that you would be kind enough to take necessary steps for setting up a canteen at some suitable location in our school boundary.

Yours obediently,
Farhan Ahmed
Class: Nine
Roll: 06

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