Best 2 gallon water cooler: 5 Crazy water cooler review

Best 2 gallon water cooler

Water coolers may have the reputation for being a social gathering place, but they’re also a necessary fixture in any workspace, ensuring employees have access to fresh, clean water. Even some people own water coolers to keep in their homes,as they come in handy in places like garages, play areas, and other places without water outlets.But it may be difficult best 2 gallon water coolerr . There are a lots of  water jug cooler in the market, find a best water cooler is not so easy. Today i will provide you full guide of choose a best best 2 gallon water cooler for you.

#1 Igloo 5-Gallon Heavy-Duty Cooler
#2 Rubbermaid Water Cooler
#3 Sports Jug Half-Gallon Igloo
#4 Vacuum-insulated YETI Rambler Jug
#5 Sideline Jug by Under Armour

Best 2 gallon water cooler Reviews 2021

Combining all the above factors with feedback from customers and industry experts, we’ve come up with the best solution for you.

Knowing what to look for when choosing a water jug cooler makes the process easy. Consider an option from our list below, taking your specific budget and needs into account.

#1 Igloo 5-Gallon Heavy-Duty Cooler

The Igloo cooler is a serious player if you’re planning an event for a large number of people.

Up to five gallons of water can fit in the jug – enough to satisfy a large crowd. You can keep your drink cold on hot days because it is made of heavy material and is insulated.

When it comes to water coolers, cleanliness is often an issue. However, Igloo has fitted the lid to this bottle with a pressure-fitting design that prevents mold or dirt from getting inside.

It is also equipped with a tether to ensure that it stays close to you. You can get the last few drops out of the spigot before refilling it with more water. In addition to helping children fill their cups when necessary, it will also make drinking easier.

The Reason We Love It

When it’s hot and humid outside, nothing is better than ice-cold water. Under such conditions, however, some coolers do not function correctly. With this heavy-duty jug, your water remains consistently cold thanks to the heavy-gauge construction. This Igloo jug reportedly can keep ice for three full days in temperatures as high as 90 degrees.

Easily accessible pouring spigot

The spigot is a common problem with water coolers – you have to be careful where you place it to avoid dripping. The spigot has been installed at an angle, which makes it a drip-resistant fixture. Additionally, this makes it easier to fit a cup underneath.

The product that can be stacked

When the lid is bulky, it can be difficult to store a water jug. A flat one is much more useful for stacking things on top since it enables you to fit more things inside. Additionally, if you’re out with the family and a child needs a break, they can sit on the lid!

Clean and easy to maintain

There is a concern about bacteria and mold growing where moisture gets trapped in water jug lids. A pressurized lid on the jug keeps germs at bay, keeping Igloo from experiencing this problem.

Keep These Things In Mind

This cooler has a push-down lid instead of a screw-on lid like most water bottles. There have been some reports of some minor spills when the jug was full, as well as that the lid was pushing against the water.

Specification of  Lgloo 5 gallon water cooler

Weight 6.63 pounds
Quantity 5 Gallons
Warranty 1-year
Size 13.5 x 13.5 x 20.25 inches


#2 Rubbermaid Water Cooler

Rubbermaid Water Cooler

When you’re serving water to a large crowd, that line needs to move quickly. The process of filling the jug may be slow if the water jug tap doesn’t have enough flow.

Rubbermaid coolers come with a fast-flowing faucet that is sure to satisfy your guests. The 5-gallon capacity allows you to use it frequently since refills won’t be necessary.

Due to its thick insulation, the cooler will keep your water cool and fresh for hours. Camping trips or large garden parties are made more enjoyable with this excellent addition.

You should have no problem opening and closing the lid. During installation or removal, it is fitted with tracks to help you get a good grip.

The Reason We Love It

The thick insulation will keep your water cool and fresh for hours at a time. The product was also used by several customers to hold hot liquids such as coffee or soup.


Even if it takes a minute to fill your cup, it might not sound like much. The problem is when there are 10 of you waiting in line. Rubbermaid found a solution to this problem by fitting its jugs with fast-flowing faucets.


You often have to be careful where you place your water cooler due to drips. Nevertheless, the spigot fitted to this model prevents the area from getting soaked since it is resistant to drips.

Seals splashed with water

The transport of a 5-gallon water jug cooler can be challenging. Lids can be compromised quickly by water splashing against them. Thankfully, this screw lid has a splash seal. This will prevent the water from leaking out, even on bumpy roads.

Keep These Things In Mind

In this model, the spigot retracts straight down instead of at a 45-degree angle, which would be better for water flow. Consequently, some customers had difficulty pouring.

Specification of Rubbermaid water cooler

Weight 6.45 pounds
Quantity 5 Gallons
Warranty 🙁
Size 19.25 x 14.5 x 13 inches


#3 Sports Jug Half-Gallon Igloo 

Sports Jug Half-Gallon Igloo

Living an active lifestyle makes the water even more essential – and you need a jug to keep your water cold at all times. You might just want to use this sports jug from Igloo for your next workout.

The compact container holds half a gallon, enough to get you through a tough workout. Despite being thick and cushioned, it will keep your beverage chilled for hours at a time.

Several smart and subtle features are included on the jug from Igloo. You can hang them anywhere since the handles are rubberized and the hooks are durable.

The Reason We Love It

You can save yourself from the heat and thirst after a game by having a nice cold drink on hand. Keeping your water cold for long hours is easy with this fully insulated bottle.

Additionally, it is made with “cool riser” technology. In addition to elevating the jugs from hot surfaces, this allows the water to stay cooler and avoids contact with hot surfaces.

Easy to Handle 

When you’re sweaty after a workout or taking your jug out for a run, it can be difficult to hold a cooler. Sport jugs are typically made of plastic, but this one has a non-slip rubber coating that makes them very easy to handle.

Handle for swinging

This jug comes with a swing-up handle, making it easy to carry when running. While on the go, it’s a convenient size that won’t feel bulky in your hands. A bonus feature of the handle is that it stores easily when folded down.

Protects the Jug from falling

When practicing or working out, it is not always possible to put your water jug on the ground. You may find that the weather is inclement, or the ground simply won’t permit a clear choice. You can reduce dirt, grime, and bacteria exposure by keeping your water jug off the ground.

It is equipped with two rotating hooks to prevent this, so it can be attached to a goal post, cord, or any other suspended object.

Keep This In Mind

One or two customers reported that the lid leaked a little bit when it was laid on its side. In the jug, this was most noticeable when it was full.

Specification of lgloo water cooler

Weight 1.5 pounds
Quantity ½ gallon
Warranty 🙁
Size 6.5 x 11.6 x 6.6 inches

#4 Vacuum-insulated YETI Rambler Jug 

Vacuum-insulated YETI Rambler Jug

When you need a small jug that provides powerful insulation, this is the one. Your beverage will stay ice cold or hot for days with this tiny Yeti jug. The jug is equipped with double-wall vacuum insulation.

As well as looking great, the stainless steel body is highly durable and will last you a very long time. You can lock the MagCap into the dock while drinking and it won’t move.

Water jugs can sometimes be difficult to clean. However, YETI has made it a little easier by making this jug dishwasher safe.

Using the large handle ensures that the jug can be easily transported on any adventure. It’s comfortable to hold, and it makes it easy to pour yourself a refreshing drink.

The Reason We Love It

Rust-free stainless steel is used to make the body. The material can also withstand a few blows without puncturing.

When holding a stainless steel jug, you may have difficulty holding it, depending on the filling. You won’t sweat with this jug, even if it’s carrying steaming hot soup.

Vacuum with double walls

An insulation product of high quality will keep you warm and dry all day long. A YETI Rambler is made to be used in the outdoors, regardless of the weather. You can maintain the temperature of your beverage with double-wall vacuum insulation.

Designing a compact system

The burden of carrying such a bulky jug can be frustrating from time to time. Manufacturers responded to this need by creating a compact jug that can hold up to half a gallon of liquid. In terms of dimensions, it measures 10 inches in height and 6 inches in width, which makes it easy to carry around.

Suitable for both hot and cold weather

Taking a trip doesn’t always require bringing only cold water. Whatever your heart desires can be brought to this jug. Whether refreshing iced tea or a hot cup of coffee is your choice, the Rambler has it all.

Keep These Things In Mind

It was noted by several customers that the lid could be screwed on and off more easily. A few people complained that it was difficult to hold the device.

Specification of YETI rambler water jug

Weight 3.86 pounds
Quantity ½ gallon
Warranty 🙁
Size 10 x 6 x 6 inches

#5 Sideline Jug by Under Armour

This could be a good option if you’re looking for a colorful water jug to bring along while exercising. You can choose from 10 different vibrant colors for this sleek-looking water jug.

You can keep your beverage cold for up to 12 hours thanks to the double-wall foam insulation. A flip-top mechanism keeps the spout clean, as well as a leak-resistant lid with a flip-top lid.

The perfect companion for running or hiking, this jug holds plenty of liquid. It is comfortable to hold the fold-down handle, and since the fence hooks are integrated, the handle locks securely into place.

The Reason We Love It

The jug will ensure you stay hydrated whether you’re at training or at a tournament. For up to 12 hours, it keeps liquids as cold as you need them to be. It holds 64 ounces of liquid.

Spout protected by a cap

It’s not uncommon for jug spouts to be worrisome, especially if they’re exposed all the time. There is a flip-top cover that can be opened with a simple push of a button on this jug when you need it.

Carrying handle for convenience

This water jug has a carry handle so you can easily transport it. The built-in hooks allow it to be locked in place. It is comfortable to hold.

A BPA-free product

You will be protected from possible toxins thanks to the BPA-free material. The bag is built to last and can be taken anywhere, whatever the occasion.

The good thing about many smaller water bottles is that they’re dishwasher-safe. There are, however, quite a few dos and don’ts when it comes to maintenance. The jug might leak if you don’t follow the instructions, as several customers discovered the hard way.

Specification of Sideline water cooler

Weight 0.63 pounds
Quantity 0.5 gallon
Warranty 🙁
Size 6.4 x 6.1 x 11.7 inches


How to Choose the Best Water Coolers

Water cooler jug shopping at first can be somewhat confusing. It’s true that they come in a wide range of sizes and have several different features; here’s what to remember.

This is the most important factor to consider when deciding how big your water jug should be. A range of sizes is available, starting with half a gallon and going up to five gallons.

According to your needs, you should choose a specific size. You can keep your team hydrated with a 5-gallon jug if you host or assist at sports events often. A jug of 1 or 2 gallons would be sufficient for a picnic or outing with the family.

Water jugs that are larger will be heavier naturally. You should keep in mind that a water jug consists of several layers of insulation. As a result, it can be bigger and heavier than expected.

Water bottles are sometimes confused with smaller, half-gallon jugs. Despite their size and weight, you’ll probably be unpleasantly surprised by them. You will, however, be able to keep your water cold for a long time with a water bottle cooler instead.

Among the top-selling water bottles on Amazon is the half-gallon bottle that weighs 7 ounces. Our recommended half-gallon jug weighs 1.5 pounds, whereas the best one we’ve listed weighs 2 pounds. On a hot day, however, the water bottle will not prevent your water from getting warm.

The thermal efficiency of a jug is greatly influenced by the material used. Besides stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, there is also a variety of other materials used.

Based on the environment in which the jug will spend most of its time, you need to select the right material. Although less durable, plastic can be used indoors as it is less expensive.

Conversely, if you’re going on frequent camping trips or hiking, you’ll have to use materials that can withstand some abuse. A stainless steel appliance is a great choice since it is rust-proof and highly durable. Larger coolers for water bottles are made of hard plastic, however.

What you should consider when choosing water cooler

Although water coolers may seem straightforward, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you shop.Top-load coolers have a simpler design, so they are usually more affordable. Bottom-load coolers are much easier to use.  The downside here is that installation is much more difficult.

If the cooler needs other features, such as a child lock or self-cleaning mechanism, then you need to decide whether it will disburse room temperature, cold, or hot water (or a combination of these three).

Take care of yourself

Ensure that any plastic you choose is free from toxins to ensure you’re not consuming them through your water.

It’s essential to insulate a cooler – without insulation, you’re wasting your money. Due to its ability to withstand higher temperatures, double-wall insulation is highly effective for outdoor use.

 If you’re looking for the most efficient insulation, look for an insulated water cooler with a vacuum-sealed top. Gaskets are also great.

The health of you and your family depends on keeping your water jug cooler clean. Due to the moist and dark environment, mildew is a common issue. The inside of the spigot can also become contaminated by some minerals.

An easy task is not always achieved when cleaning jug coolers. It is possible to put smaller jugs, such as half-gallons or even 1-gallon jugs, in a dishwasher. Nonetheless, you should always check if yours is dishwasher-safe. If you want it to stay clean, we recommend you give it a quick wash after every use.

Consider creating a disinfection solution as well. Mixing unscented bleach or white vinegar with water is a good method for doing this.  Furthermore, it is important to ensure that no mildew builds up in the faucet.

How to use a water cooler?

It’s so easy to use a water cooler. Let’s see on 2 simple steps how to use a water cooler.

How to use a water cooler?

Step 1 : Prepare the water cooler properly.

The primary thing you need to focus before use is to ensure that the allocator is ready to have the option to interface with the water bottle. Typically, for most sorts of machines, you should plan to deal with a five-liter water bottle. 

In addition, you will likely need to interface the fitting to a protected force source since that will make both indoor force and the water gadget safe. 

Then, at that point, you should utilize a sterile material or a fabric plunged in cleanser and warm water to clean every one of the handles, handles and some other pieces of the gadget that individuals regularly contact. 

When utilizing a water container, it implies that you will put a five-liter water bottle above, so moving the gadget will be very troublesome. That is the reason you ought to pick a sensible situation to fix it. 

As well as getting everything identified with the machine, something lovely we need to focus on is the water bottle. You need to ensure that the water bottle is good to go.

Maybe, you will need to ensure that you put a fabric close to the water cooler to help other people tidy up any spills as they drink without anyone else.

Step: 2 Install the water cooler

Normally, every five-liter jug has a handle above. You use it to eliminate the gadget. Contingent upon how the gadget functions, you might have to press the catch to deliver the security locks for the container, or essentially, you simply need to lift it out of position. 

Here is the hardest and most significant piece of utilizing a water bottle that you should be ready to introduce another water bottle. This will be hard for some individuals, particularly for the individuals who have never supplanted new water bottles. 

Be ready for some sprinkling, since you are managing a lot of water. 

The mystery is that you should lift the container out of the seat and hold it at a 45-degree point to the water gadget. Empty some water into the principle bowl of the base gadget. At the point when the water turns out to be more steady, you can flip around the whole compartment and spot it in the base unit. 


If you decide to use this disinfecting solution, ensure that the cooler is thoroughly rinsed afterward!


Despite being expensive investments, water jug coolers are available at lower prices. The most important thing to remember is that you usually get what you pay for.

You can’t expect the quality to be as high if you choose to spend less. There is a possibility that your cooler won’t keep the water cold for very long. 

The fact is, however, that you shouldn’t blindly believe in a high price. Finding a product within your budget, and then reading real customer reviews about it, are two of the best ways to make sure it’s right for you. There are some coolers that come with a warranty – this is usually a one-year or limited lifetime warranty.


It’s important to stay hydrated, but it’s no fun if all you have is warm water. You can keep your water jug cold and crisp throughout the day by using the best water coolers.

Think about the product’s size and how convenient it is to carry when searching for the product that suits you best. An easy-to-carry jug is the best choice for people with an active lifestyle or those who are frequently on the go. However, you need a best 2 gallon water cooler if you are taking the whole family outing or participating in a sporting event.

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