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In Bangladesh, are you trying to find a legitimate way to make a living at home? With the advent of internet communication technology, students and people of all ages and professions are experiencing lucrative opportunities for online outsourcing jobs in Bangladesh. Through the online earning apps you can just click and earn money from bangladesh. 

As we begin this article, we will introduce you to some renowned click and earn money apps where you can open a free account and make handsome earning money online in Bangladesh. Will you stay with us?

Upwork- #1 click and earn money apps


Upwork is one of the largest online outsourcing platforms for freelancers in the world. With its reliable payment system, professionalism, neutral monitoring system, diverse categories of job postings, etc., Upwork is popular among freelance job seekers worldwide.

Is it possible to click and earn money from Upwork?

There are a wide variety of jobs available on Upwork for all sectors If you find you will surely find a work to click and earn money . Writing content, technical writing, copywriting, and designing games, web design, web programming, graphic design, web design, SEO, virtual assistance, social media manager, bookkeeping are just some of the common job categories on EmploymentTap. There are further subcategories for specialized jobs within each category.

Does Upwork Require Specific Skills? 

Upwork is a place for anyone, regardless of their skill set. To rule in a specific job category, you need to be an expert in some niche function, such as PHP Framework Programming, Writing Articles/Manuscripts, Online Marketing, or Designing Logos. There is a range of jobs available in specific categories for people who are passionate about certain skills. 

Upwork requires that you earn money online at least $3 per hour in order to participate. According to their level of expertise and experience, freelancers from Bangladesh typically charge $20-60 per hour. 

Upwork Fund Withdrawal: What is the process? 

Upwork allows you to transfer your earned credit to any bank in Bangladesh for a nominal charge of 99 cents per withdrawal. In addition to the Payoneer Master Card, freelancers in Bangladesh can also use Payoneer to get money online transfers. 


– There are many job opportunities available. 

– Fast payment transfer through any local bank in Bangladesh. 

– The amount charged for bank withdrawals is extremely low, compared to similar platforms.

– The high level of competition makes getting a job difficult for newbies. 


– Upwork uses a crucial process for account approval at present. 

– Freelancers must have credit to apply for jobs, which is difficult. 

– For one job, there are a lot of applicants, so it is difficult to get hired. 

Fiverr #2 click and earn money apps


Fiverr is another trustworthy online outsourcing website for Bangladeshi freelancers. Fiverr’s account approval process is less complicated than Upwork’s, which can be a big advantage for new freelancers. You can find Fiverr at

Fiverr offers what kinds of jobs?

You can create gigs and charge a specific price for them. There are several categories in which the gigs are listed. Writers, graphic designers, digital marketers, professionals making video animations, and programmers rank the highest in these categories. 

Is there a list of skills that you need to work for Fiverr?

The Fiverr platform is a great way for Bangladeshi freelancers to work from home and online earn money. There are many ways to get hired on Fiverr. You could write creatively or technically, create software, make videos and animations, design logos, perform online marketing like social media, etc.

What are the online earning potentials from Fiverr?

You can start a gig in Fiverr for $5 or $10 at minimum. In these low-budget gigs, you can offer some basic services that can be completed in 15 to 30 minutes. Freelancers tend to offer gigs ranging from $20 to $300 or more for jobs at medium to expert levels, e.g., website development. 

What is the Fiverr withdrawal process? 

Withdrawing money from Fiverr can be done in several ways, such as using a Payoneer Master Card, a Fiverr Revenue Card, or a bank account. With a local Bank Transfer, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $20. There is a $3 withdrawal fee for each transaction.


– Job opportunities for beginners are easy to come by. 

– There is no need to apply for a job. Create a Gig that is attractive and get hired. 

– Low fees for bank withdrawals. 


– Payments are lower than those provided by Upwork. 

– Fiverr charges a 20% commission for lower budget gigs, which is rather high.

People Per Hour (PPH) #3 Click and earn money apps


One of the leading online marketplaces is People Per Hour ( ), where people can work and online earn money on the internet from anywhere. You can work here as an hourly employee or on a fixed-price basis, which is the specialty of the Platform.

At PeoplePerHour, what types of jobs are available? 

The most popular jobs are in Admin, Creative Art, Business Support, Design, Marketing, Mobile, Search Marketing, Social Media, Software Development, Writing, Translation, Video, Audio, and Web Development.  

Are there any requirements for working at PeoplePerHour? 

If you have expertise in writing, illustrator, PSD to HTML coding, email marketing, B2B lead generation, professional web design, mobile apps development, logo design, etc., you are welcome to join PPH. 

What is the online earning potential of PPH? 

An hourly rate of $5 is a reasonable starting point for basic-level work in any category. Depending on their level of expertise, skilled freelancers from Bangladesh usually charge $20 per hour. 

When you tender a fixed-price project, the price will depend on the scope of services you will be providing. The cost of SEO service for any website with an additional list of add-on services can be set at $500, for example. The budget of a project will increase eventually if a buyer purchases your project and requests those extra services. 

When you earning money less than $700 for any project, PPH charges a 20% commission. For earning $700-$7000, the commission ranges from 7.5% to 8.5%. When you earn over $7000 under any project, the commission rate is reduced by 3.5%. 

What is the process for withdrawing funds from PPH? 

You can withdraw money from PPH to a local bank account or a Payoneer MasterCard. Compared to Payoneer credit cards, PPH charges $30 to send money to a scheduled bank account in Bangladesh, while it costs only $3 to send get money online to a Payoneer credit card. 


– Beginners can easily find jobs.

– There is the option of earning money online at a fixed or hourly rate. 

– The PPH Commission Rate (3.5% to 7.5%) is low for large projects. 


– For projects of low budgets, commission rates are high. 

– For projects with low budgets (below $700), PPH takes a 20% commission which is quite high. 

Themeforest #4 copy pest earning app bangladesh


When it comes to designing HTML templates, website themes, PSD templates, etc., Themeforest ( ) can be an ideal place to sell your talent. Themeforest is a website where people can buy digital assets such as web templates, stock photos, stock videos, Graphic Templates, Music Tracks, etc. 

At Themeforest, what types of jobs are available? 

As opposed to other outsourcing platforms, Envato (Themeforest) market allows you to sell your ready-made products. You can buy HTML templates, landing pages, web themes, web templates, and other products on ThemeForest, an international platform for selling online products. Upon approval, you can sell your product unlimited times on ThemeForest. 

Does Themeforest Require Any Specific Skills? 

We will provide you with all of the basics you need to start building your own product. Write your own HTML code, design a theme, develop software, create an app or engage in Graphic design. Owning your own business is possible here.

What is the online earning potential of Themeforest? 

You charge different prices for different types of products. A web template can be sold to numerous buyers for $10 and can be sold for an unlimited number of times. Non-executive authors will be charged a commission of 55% when selling products via Envato. Depending on how many items you can sell, the fee for executive authors ranges from 12.5% to 37.5%.

Withdrawing funds from Envato (ThemeForest)? 

Your Payoneer Master Card or local bank account can be used to withdraw funds from Themeforest. Nevertheless, withdrawals from a bank account require a minimum of $500 and withdrawals from Payoneer a minimum of $50. 


One job circular on the other freelance platforms is greeted by nearly one hundred applications. Themeforest, however, allows you to work independently. Making your own product is what you do. Obtain approval. After the sale, you will receive a commission. 


Any product available for sale on Themeforest must meet a high standard of approval. To become an Author on Themeforest, you’ll have to put in many hours of work.

Belancer #5 click and earn money app


Belancer is the first get online earning marketplace for outsourcing in Bangladesh. Circulars here are published by clients for specific positions. Those freelancers then bid on those jobs according to their skill sets. 

What Kinds of Jobs are Available at Belancer? 

A skilled Bangladeshi freelancer can find jobs in several categories on this online earning marketplace, including web, mobile, and software development, design, multimedia, writing, translation, data analysis, architecture, etc. 

Can You Work at Belancer if You Have These Skills? 

If you have any specific skills like web research, data analysis, logo design, programming, writing articles for websites/blogs, video editing, online marketing, lead generation, etc., you may be able to work at Belancer. 

What Kind of Earnings Can You Expect at Belance?

Belancer permits you to earn a minimum of 30,000 BDT for large projects, although you may earn as little as 100 BDT on micro-level projects.  Belancer: What is the procedure for withdrawing funds?

Through Bkash or bank transfers, you may withdraw funds from Belancer. The system will charge 5% as a service fee when you transfer at least 2000 BDT to your local bank account. The Belancer office in Bangladesh also accepts cash payments. 


– Low competition compared to Upwork and other renowned freelancing platforms. 

– Freelancers at the beginner level can easily find work. 


– Less income than international freelance platforms. 

– Less number of jobs are available compared with international freelancing sites

Outsource My Job (OBJ) #6 click and earn money app


 The company employs Bangladeshi as well as international freelancers for its varied project portfolio.

What types of jobs are available at OBJ? 

Freelancing platforms such as this one offer jobs in a variety of industries, like web development, writing, mobile app development, social media marketing, SEO, administrative assistance, etc. 

Does OBJ Require Specific Skills?

If you have any specific skills, such as writing, graphic design, web page design, apps development, lead generation, customer service assistance, video editing, animation, etc., you can work here.

Is OBJ a Good Way to Earn Money? 

A buyer submits a budgeted project to this platform. You are responsible for bidding on projects within your chosen category as a freelancer.

What is the process for withdrawing funds from OBJ?

Local banks offer the option of withdrawing money. Although this platform offers automated withdrawals, withdrawal charges are extremely high when compared with international marketplaces. 


– Low competition level. 

– Freelancers with little experience can easily find jobs on the site. 


– Wages are lower than those on international outsourcing markets. 

In comparison to other local and international marketplaces, the withdrawal fee from the bank is exorbitant.

Freelancing Websites: Open a Freelancer Account 

These freelancing platforms allow you to create an account via email if you don’t have one yet. It is important that you complete your profile.  You can prove to the hiring manager that you are a qualified candidate based upon taking those exams.


Need Health insurance?


I hope you are clear with those Click and earn money apps in Bangladesh. Just follow some easy steps and start earing money from now!

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