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Facebook is one of the most popular social media the present world. Most of people from teenager to old have facebook id. Many people want to learn how to hack facebook? You need Facebook Hacking Course. I am telling you, it’s not so easy to hack it. It’s almost impossible. But it’s true that everything has lakes, nothing is perfect in this world.  A lot of way to make fool a user & get access. Though it’s not possible to hack facebook today I will give you a full course of Hack a user account & get full access. So let’s hack facebook.. Want to know more about this course? Visit trendz box.

Things that discussed on this course –

Advance Phishing Phishing is a most used way of hacking facebook. In phishing, hackers create a fake login details  of a social media & sent to victim. When victim put their login details on that fake site, hackers get the information. Now question is, how to stay away from phishing? Well, just don’t put your social or other site access untrusted sites. 

Social Engineering 

Many people are a lot of social media addicted. They share all the moments with public. Not only this but also they share their personal information like home address,national id card, phone number & so on. In social engineering hackers collect all the information about you available in social media & create your fake identity. By using that identity any one can easily recover your any any social media Password. To be safe from social engineering attack,don’t share personal information with public. 

Brute force attack 

It’s a guessing attack method. Most of people use plan text as password like”bokkor ahmed or i love you dim” some people use “45586” both are weak password. If you also using password like this you are in danger! Hacker have a special tool, by the help of that tool they can easily crack those weak password. You should use “&*#78&gj+-=[” this kind of strong password to be safe.


Actually this course is priceless. On the way he teached everything in this course, I am sure that you won’t find alternative of this. Official price of Facebook hacking premium course is 5000 taka. But i will give you this course for free.


Reason behind make this course is to create cyber awareness. This is a full white hat hacking course. If you use this on illegal way. me or the owner of this course is not responsible for this.:)
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